UN - Principles for Responsible Investment 

Lunar Capital is a signatory to the United Nations-backed Principles for Responsible Investment Initiative (PRI). The initiative and its six principles provide a guiding framework for assessing the environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) issues in making investments.

Lunar is committed to implementing the six principles into our investment decisions, our internal processes as well as the businesses we invest in. We recognize the impact that ESG issues can have on the operations of our investments and believe that their proper assessment and treatment is vital to value creation in our portfolio companies.

We have incorporated various compliance checks and socially responsible investing (SRI) due diligence steps into our investment process, as well as the relevant guidelines into our code of conduct. We strive to focus on areas where we see SRI having clear beneficial impact to all stakeholders involved, such as consumer product safety and institutionalized corporate governance.

For more information, please visit the PRI website at www.unpri.org.

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