Yunnan International Forestry Group manages standing timber land and operates wood processing facilities in Yunnan Province. Lunar believes that the forestry sector in China offers attractive long-term value, as the scarcity of resources poses a major bottleneck for China's ongoing economic development. Lunar Capital has seconded management into YIFG and worked with the Company to expand its operations and acquire attractively priced agriculture-related assets.

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The Rise of the Blue Collar Consumer

The Chinese economy give labor leverage – in other words, rising wages. This is resulting in a visible redistribution of wealth and an increasing number of blue-collar consumers entering the marketplace. The One Child policy has begun to take its toll on China’s labor force. Although China’s population has remained relatively stable – 1.36 billion people today versus 1.19 billion 20 years ago – its working age population has peaked, dropping by 3.45 million in 2012 to 937.3 million people. In...

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