Hangzhou Yao Tai Tai Food Co. is one of the most recognized snack food businesses in China, selling more than 1,000 SKUs under the Yao Tai Tai (姚太太) and Yi Min (益民) brands. The brands produce and distribute snack foods across preserves, nuts, meats, and poultry. The Company was founded in 1996 in the Yuhang district of Hangzhou, China, and has since received numerous awards for its supreme quality and good taste. The Yao Taitai brand is recognized as a "Well-known trademark in Yuhang District" and its nuts products are revered as "Yuhang Famous Products". Lunar Capital has appointed a group level management team and is actively working with the Company to revitalize products and packaging and expand online/offline distribution.

Please find more details at www.yaotaitai.com and Tmall flagship store: yaotaitai.world.tmall.com

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November E-Commerce Sales Show Strong Consumer

As we enter the year-end holiday season, the world’s two largest economies will generate tremendous levels of shopping both online and offline, bringing the sheer scale of China’s consumer growth into sharper focus.Double 11 – The online Chinese consumer is as healthy as ever Sales during November’s “Double 11” promotion reached 120.7bn yuan, or US$18bn, up 32% YoY. Chinese shoppers were enticed to build their shopping carts early, and in return were promised discounts and lightning...

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