Tenguard is a household appliance maker targeting products geared toward healthy eating. The Company's flagship product is a household oil press, used to create safe and fresh cooking oil from peanuts, walnuts, sesame seeds or similar raw ingredients. The success of Tenguard's products is due to the demand for assurance and safety, as well as the emerging health consciousness amongst the Chinese middle and affluent classes. Lunar Capital has worked with the Company on the launch of its flagship product.

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The Mobility of Consumption

Mobile “on the go” shopping in China is becoming the norm - from researching products and discussing with friends to purchasing with a swipe of the finger. Mobile shopping is changing the way customers discover, research and ultimately buy products in China, primarily through 1) providing tools to conduct research while in-store, 2) creating robust platforms for marketing and real time customer engagement, and 3) allowing brands to inexpensively expand their customer reach. Our businesses are proactively...

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Derek Sulger: the Expansion of Middle Class in China

During an interview by PEDaily, a leading web portal in the venture capital and private equity industry in China, Derek Sulger shared his insight on the investment opportunities brought by txpansion of middle class in China.   For more, please click here.

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Burgeoning Bourgeois

The Chinese government has delivered on its promise of creating wealth for the masses, giving consumers purchasing power unimaginable even a decade ago. A recent study by McKinsey stated that the number of upper-middle class households with income between RMB 106,000 and RMB 229,000, has grown from 6% of urban household in 2010 to 14% in 2013. While the number of middle class households still outnumbers the upper-middle class, accounting for 54% of the total, McKinsey estimates that roughly 40...

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