I Pinco Pallino is a leading brand of high-end baby and kidswear founded in the 1980s in Italy. IPP is sold in over 400 stores across Europe, the Middle East and Asia, with China as one of its largest emerging markets. The brand is also features in premium department stores such as Harrods, Isetan and Mitsukoshi. Lunar Capital has overseen IPPs expansion into China.

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Catching the Next Wave of Consumption Driven by Policy

It has taken China more than three decades of rapid urbanization and persistent high growth rates to get to where we are today, and the Chinese economy is now entering a “new normal” that requires sustained efforts to re-balance its fundamental economic structure to focus on stable, single-digit, growth driven by the consumer. Beijing’s recently announced "13th Five-Year Plan” aims to achieve a balanced and stable society, and reiterates the 2010 target to double GDP and GDP per capita income of...

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Private Equity and the Evolving Chinese Consumer: An Interview with Derek Sulger of Lunar Capital

In a recent interview with EMPEA, Derek Sulger discussed the private equity landscape in the context of China’s recent volatility, and the prospects and challenges for Chinese consumer-related businesses.   How would you assess the current state of the private equity landscape in China, specifically in the context of recent volatility on the Mainland stock exchanges?   China’s economy is in better shape than the Western press would lead you to believe. The consumer goods...

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Our Perspective on the Current Economic Situation and China’s Consumer

China may be undergoing a bumpy but managed landing but our operations suggest that the consumer remains on track.   The Chinese economy is not melting down. That notwithstanding, this shift has resulted in Asian market capital outflows that have driven valuations of certain key markets to levels not seen since the global financial crisis.    Deteriorating market sentiment is resulting from the realization that we are in the midst of a bumpy but managed landing. This is long-term better...

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IPP 2016 Spring/Summer Collection at Pitti Bimbo

IPP presented its 2016 Spring/Summer Collection at Pitti Bimbo in Florence, Italy on June 27th. Maria Bogdanovich, a world famous designer and ballet dancer, was a guest designer for the collection. For more, please click here.

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Chinese Consumer Story Remains Strong

Analysts and party leaders are calling for a need to rebalance China’s development toward a consumption-driven economy, and move away from investment-led growth, which has slowed. Despite the gradual increase in number of China skeptics, we are confident that China remains the fastest growing consumer market in the world. A recent McKinsey report argues that consumption in China has grown faster than almost any other country on an absolute basis, growing from approximately $0.9 billion in 20...

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Retail Rounding a Corner

Newspapers last year were littered with stories highlighting concerns about expanding retail inventories driven by short-sighted management chasing top-line growth. Blind expansion from 2006 to 2011 resulted in unstable inventory levels as total industry points of sale more than tripled, and EBIT margins dropped by close to half. Today, there are signs that the industry has turned a corner. Starting in 2012 brands began to curtail store expansion plans and started to close down poorly-performing...

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The Mobility of Consumption

Mobile “on the go” shopping in China is becoming the norm - from researching products and discussing with friends to purchasing with a swipe of the finger. Mobile shopping is changing the way customers discover, research and ultimately buy products in China, primarily through 1) providing tools to conduct research while in-store, 2) creating robust platforms for marketing and real time customer engagement, and 3) allowing brands to inexpensively expand their customer reach. Our businesses are proactively...

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Little Star Launch Event Successfully Held in Shanghai

Little Star Launch Event and sHero International Women’s Forum were successfully held on Bund 3, Shanghai. For more on the event, please click here.

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Lunar Capital Update: Achievements in 2014

Our achievements in 2014 continue to serve as a validation of our thesis, strategy and commitment to consumer-focused, operationally-intensive, control-oriented investments in China. Our most recent fund, Lunar Capital Partners-III, is now fully invested with strong prospects for further valuation gains and distributions. Our apparel investment, Yeehoo, ended 2014 with revenue and earnings up significantly, positive margin improvement and e-commerce growth driven by channel expansion, product...

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Celebrity Zhang Ziyi at Pitti Bimbo to Present I Pinco Pallino 2015 Fall Winter Collection

Florence, Italy: On January 22, international superstar Miss Zhang Ziyi attended the I Pinco Pallino 2015 Fall Winter Collection Release Conference at Pitti Bimbo.     As the first guest designer for the Italian fashion clothing brand, Zhang Ziyi designed the dress she wore to the event, an "adult version" made in accordance with the "kids' version" also designed by Ziyi.    For more, please click here.

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I Pinco Pallino: “A Walk in Central Park”

I Pinco Pallino at Pitti Bimbo with the new collection and a preview of the capsule collection with the actress Zhang Ziyi. From the blue of a midwinter’s night’s dream in an enchanted garden to the animalier inspiration of an afternoon at the zoo; from the leaves of an autumnal greenhouse to the carefree hours spent in the park after school, through to the party atmosphere of a special celebration in a gazebo: a child's journey as imagined by I Pinco Pallino for autumn/winter 2015 covers the...

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Zhang Ziyi Endorses I Pinco Pallino Crossover Art Design Cooperation

On September 25, 2014, at Plaza 66 in Shanghai, international movie star zhang ziyi attended the flagship store opening ribbon-cutting ceremony of her favorite children's clothes I Pinco Pallino. During the ceremony, the first dress Ziyi ever designed was released under I Pinco Pallino's brand. It featured the coopearation between Ziyi and I Pinco Pallino.

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I Pinco Pallino and Zhang Ziyi Join Cross-Border Cooperation to Open Flagship Store in Shanghai Plaza 66

On September 25 afternoon, I Pinco Pallino held its grand opening ceremony in Shanghai Plaza 66, officially announcing the opening of its sixth store in China, and its first flagship store in the country. The flagship store occupies 62 square meters, with the most notable feature being a chandelier imported from IPP's flagship store in Milan, Italy. The chandelier is now transferred to the Shanghai flagship store like an Olympic torch for the I Pinco Pallino brand. The ribbon-cutting ceremony...

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Maximizing Value through Building Platforms

Platform-building is woven into Lunar’s DNA. The business that began as Linktone in 1999 subsequently gave birth to two further companies, Intrinsic and SmartPay. Together they formed the bulwark of Fund I and each of the three has now been fully exited, generating attractive returns. Another platform-building opportunity arose when we acquired Yeehoo in 2011. The move was true to our core consumer belief that China is undergoing a steady migration toward higher quality branded products across...

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PE Firms to Go ‘Ga-Ga’ For Kid-Focused Deals in China

By Sonja Cheung Private equity firms in China invested in baby or child-related companies received their Christmas present early this year, after the government announced it would ease its notorious one-child policy. The change in policy is a bid to boost the country’s ailing birth rate, and help balance out China’s aging population. Share prices of Chinese businesses, from education to children’s clothing, popped after the announcement was made earlier this month, and now at least one industry...

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Italian Luxury Childrenswear Brand Opens First Chinese Store in Shanghai

On September 18, 2013, I Pinco Pallino opened its first store in Shanghai's fashionable lifestyle landmark SOGO. Chinese consumers can closely experience the beauty and elegance of the Italian Luxury kiswear brand I Pinco Pallino. Over the next two months, I Pinco Pallino plans to set up the brand's flagship stores in Beijing and Senyang City.

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Shopping with Billions

Chinese are going shopping with export-accumulated wealth again. This time the target is more aspirational. Rather than Louis Vuitton bags and Prada shoes, they are putting part of the USD 3.5 trillion in foreign reserves to work by acquiring billion-dollar companies. China’s appetite is growing for large, established foreign companies. Unlike Japan’s 1980s-era acquisition of trophy real estate, China has been cautious in overseas expansion, focusing mainly on strategically important natural...

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Lunar Capital partners Pinco Pallino to expand in Asia

By IPA staff Lunar Capital will partner Pinco Pallino S.p.A. to develop the luxury children’s wear brand, I Pinco Pallino, in China and East Asia. The partnership will involve establishing a joint venture in seven key East Asian countries. Lunar Capital will take a majority stake in the joint venture through an affiliate, and will also second senior management to oversee the Asian operations. The agreement also includes a minority investment from Lunar Capital in the share capital of Pinco...

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