Our Platforms

Lunar’s Baby Platform focuses on the baby- and kid’s- apparel sector, and on companies that deliver related goods and services to China’s growing families. China’s growing population of babies and culture of spending heavily on “princes and princesses” are driving sector growth. The Baby platform's timely acquisitions have coincided with China’s liberalization of the one-child policy, which has delivered an uptick in our number of customers of nearly 18 million newborns per year. The Baby Platform owns apparel and accessories brands that are sold in almost every leading shopping mall and department store in China, and all major online platforms. We have grown many of our brands into clear category leaders, and developed a deep pipeline of further acquisitions and opportunities. Baby’s acquisitions managed under the Little Star Brands Group include Yeehoo, Peekaboo, Soho Baby and Pinco Pallino.

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  • Peekabook Brand - Lunar Capital

Lunar’s Cassia Platform focuses on areas where eco-friendly, modern agriculture is necessary for China’s new consumer upgrade and is in short supply. Cassia was built as China began to liberalize ownership restrictions on agriculture assets in the prior decade, specifically targeting operations in Yunnan Province that can be used for forestry, production of Chinese traditional medicine, and related products. Through our platform-centric approach, we have acquired control of businesses at reasonable values that have grown substantially over the past decade. Cassia’s acquisitions include three acquisitions – Zhonghe, Sanli and Meitou – that have now been fully integrated under Yunnan Forestry.

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Lunar’s Natural Platform focuses on sauces and seasonings brands that are used in Chinese kitchens every day, such as soy sauce, vinegar and cooking wine. Demand is growing and we expect substantial growth in high quality, mass-market premium products as customers trade up. We have developed a pipeline of leading brands, and commenced making acquisitions in the sector in 2016 with an initial investment in Lao Henghe, China’s largest brand of cooking wine.

  • Honworld Group

Lunar’s Castle Platform focuses on investing in China’s robust food and beverage sectors and, more recently, famous snack food brands. While China has a strong snack food culture, the average Chinese customer only consumes a fraction of what is typical in other Asian countries, yet overall consumption is rising rapidly. Castle owns leading snacks, food and beverage companies, which we have expanded rapidly through offline retailers and online platforms, and grown into best-sellers in their respective markets. Castle is actively making acquisitions synergistic with our current businesses. Recent acquisitions include Yao TaiTai, Orchard Farmer and LifeFun, in addition to Niutou, Joysun, Harvest and WH Group.

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  • Shanghai LifeFun Food
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  • WH Group
  • Yonghong Food Co. Ltd
  • Joysun

Lunar’s Mobile Platform focused on building early leaders in China’s growing mobile technology and services marketplace. Mobile products and services have affected everything about how Chinese people consume and Lunar was early to see this trend. Lunar has exited all of our investments in the Mobile platform, which included - Linktone (NASDAQ IPO), Intrinsic (Trade Sale), SmartPay (Trade Sale) and Jawbone (Trade Sale).

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  • Jawbone
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