About Lunar Capital

Lunar Capital is a leading consumer-focused buyout firm in China with a highly differentiated approach. We follow a control-oriented, operationally-involved strategy to generate strong returns for our partners.

We deliver on our strategy by taking a very process driven approach. We focus on sectors that are best positioned for consumer growth in China. Within these focus sectors, we seek businesses with strong brands, value propositions to their customers, fragmented markets, high gross margins and the opportunity to grow and streamline with the help of better management and business processes. Once we have identified a strong pipeline, we diligence, negotiate, plan, close, integrate, grow, streamline, partially exit and ultimately realize value for our investors. In each of these ten stages we have a clear set of deliverables that we believe will increase the attractiveness of our businesses to the public markets and strategic acquirers and ultimately drive strong returns for our partners. 

We believe that our differentiated approach maximizes our creativity and entrepreneurialism, and that our process enables us to serve as the best possible fiduciaries for our partners, which have been hallmarks of Lunar Capital’s culture.