Who We Are

We are platform builders, with extensive experience in growing Chinese consumer companies. We believe that our platform-building, control-oriented strategy is the best way to generate value as investors. We build our platforms through buying highly regarded businesses, bolt-on acquisitions and add innovative product, services, marketing and management teams. Key to our efforts is leveraging our control and taking an operationally involved approach to professionalize management, scale our businesses and drive profitability.

We take an industry-insider approach to sourcing, and target a growing opportunity set as succession issues and other challenges emerge. This has allowed us to source unique and highly proprietary opportunities.

At all times, we aim to combine highly localized execution and operational capabilities with global best practices, governance and transparency.

Since our founding, Lunar has completed more than 20 buyouts, leveraging our unique industry expertise to build several businesses from an early stage to market leadership. Lunar was one of the earliest proponents in China of an entrepreneurial, control-oriented, operationally-intensive approach.

Our Platforms

  • Peekabook Brand - Lunar Capital
  • soho-baby-Image
  • yeehoo-brand-image
  • Kings Brand Image
  • BPG Image
  • Sanli Brand Image
  • Miss Yao Brand Image
  • Shanghai LifeFun Food
  • Honworld Group
  • Beijing-Orchard-Farmer-Image
  • LInktone Image
  • intrinsic-brand-image
  • smartpay-brand-image
  • WH Group
  • Yonghong Food Co. Ltd
  • Yunnan-International-Forestry-Group-brand-image
  • Joysun
  • Jawbone

Our Process and Presence

Lunar’s platform-building approach has enabled us to build up the expertise, domain knowledge, processes and know-how to truly add value to our companies. Key to our efforts is our people and presence in the consumer sectors we target.